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best travel blog - insomniac travelz

Hello, Travellers I’m here to help you save money on your next trip.

A quick go-through for all of you. Have you ever wished for one of the following:

“How do I save the money to travel? It seems too expensive for me.”
“Where do I find the best travel deals?”

“How do I save money on flights, accommodation, hotels, and other big expenses?”
“How do I plan my trips?”
“How do I stay safe and healthy?”
“How do I maximize my time?”
“I want to travel more, but I don’t know the first step.”

You are not alone. I have recently started this blog at the start of 2023, I am aiming to help as many people as I can, by travelling more for less with time-tested and proven tips and advice. By using this website, you can spend less time searching the Internet and being overwhelmed with information and more time doing the one thing you want to do: Travel.

Growing up in Varanasi, I was never a big traveler. I have roamed around the streets of Kashi but if I talk about going to other cities or state, that was hardest of the hardest tasks for me. But now there is such a passion in my head that I want to travel the whole world.

I am aiming to experience another culture, wildlife I had only read in books, & new foods; to get lost in the jungles; see conservation projects in action; and meet people from around the world.

About Insomniac Travelz


 If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to travel cheaper, experience a destination’s authentic side, and turn your dream trip into a reality, you are in the right place.

This website will give you road-tested tips, advice, and suggestions so you can see and do more for less.

On this website, you will find:

  • Must-visit destinations 
  • Local specialties
  • Budget travel tips
  • Interviews with other travel experts
  • Case studies and profiles of other travelers from various backgrounds, genders, colors, and nationalities
  • A community of supportive travelers to help encourage you to keep going
  • Detailed cost breakdowns to help you better budget for your trip
  • Travel tips that can be applied to any destination in the world
  • In-depth reporting that lets you know which sites really do help you save money!

Every day I wake up with one goal in mind: “How can I help other people travel better for less?” The mission here is to be more comprehensive than any other website out there.

Unlike many other travel websites, you won’t find sponsored content or paid trips here. Every hotel, restaurant, and attraction has been personally visited by me and my team.

And we pay our own way.

We sleep in dorms and budget hotels, wait hours for buses, try those roadside street stalls, and test travel passes to see if they really do save you money, get lost in cities, and try to find all the off-beat attractions and cool deals we can.

We do it just like you would — because, like you, we are real travelers who just want to explore the world more.

All our recommendations are here because they are useful and used in our day-to-day travels. We recommend what we use.

This website is about showing you what it’s really like on the road — not some glossy ad for a travel brand.

So come, read, learn, go sooner, and send a postcard from the road! 

Our Mission

Our mission at Insomniac Travelz is to inspire, educate, and empower travelers to explore the world with curiosity, respect, and sustainability. We aim to provide valuable travel information, unique perspectives, and authentic stories that ignite a sense of wanderlust and foster meaningful connections with people and places around the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted source of travel inspiration and information, known for our authentic storytelling and responsible travel practices. We strive to create a vibrant community of travelers who share a passion for discovering new cultures, experiencing diverse destinations, and making a positive impact on the world through responsible travel.

Thanks for visiting this website, and I look forward to helping you travel more.

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